3 Survival Tips for New Dads

After enduring months of pregnancy, followed by the miraculous act of childbirth, mothers have to take care of their newborn, all while recuperating back to health. As a supportive partner and father, there are many ways Dads can help Moms during the first month, to lighten their burden and allow them more time to rest and recover:

Be Proactive

If this is your first child, you probably will need time to get adjusted to having a baby around and nurturing one. Whether you are experienced in childcare or a novice, start making a difference by being proactive. Instead of entertaining yourself, step up and help by taking care of your baby. Even if your partner is breast or bottle-feeding, take the initiative to help out in things like helping the baby latch, carrying the baby after feeding, or just being present and checking if she needs anything. When your baby falls asleep on the mom, she will have restricted mobility, so be ready to pass her things that she may require at that time. Perhaps you can help to wash and sterilise baby bottles, pacifiers or pumps, while the mother is busy with feeding the baby. It is not that hard to learn about sterilising, storing milk or ensuring there are enough clean bottles and diapers around.

Go Easy on Your Wife

For the time being, it is important to be extra patient and supportive towards your partner, even when she is moody, cranky or stressed. She could possibly be keeping track of many different things, like breastfeeding, bottles’ cleanliness, your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule, her health, doctor’s appointment, work, household chores – the list is endless. It is exhausting, especially for first-time mothers, to manage so much suddenly. So help, support and pamper her whenever you can. Check in with her often, be it at work or out socialising. A little communication and empathy can make her day considerably better and your relationship a lot closer. Text, call and listen to her when you get home, or if she is too overwhelmed, ease the load off her hands.

Spend Time with Your Baby

It can be quite daunting to spend time and take care of your baby by yourself, but the more you do it, the more experienced you will be and easier it will get, so start as early as possible. For instance, if she is the one handling the baby’s spontaneous midnight wake-ups, then why not give her more shuteye opportunity in the morning, by handling your baby’s morning feed? Not only will you get to bond more with your baby, you will also be helping out your partner and giving her some much-needed rest.

These are just a few things you can do to help out during your baby’s first month. Children are a big responsibility, so share it with your partner to ensure a balanced lifestyle for both of you.

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