The kick counter allows you to track and record your baby's daily movements. It gives and idea on your baby's health and activity.

Kick Counter

Worried about weight changes? We provide wholesome weight management while keeping it fun for all mothers.


Unsure of what you can eat during pregnancy? We provided an interactive and fun way to optimize your diet throughtout your pregnancy.


Feel confident and safe while enjoying the activities you love during your pregnancy. We provided helpful information on your daily activities throughout your pregnancy, nursing and confident period.


Tracks & provides alerts of your healthcare appointments. Provides checklist on antenatal care.

Antenatal Planner

About Us

Mama Net is a next-generation educational app that is targeted at expectant mothers, and those with newborn infants and children. The company has built a holistic multi-dimensional app, which leverages artificial intelligence to seamlessly educate and enablemothers to be the best (while providing strong network access to mothers, families, and communities).

Our partner, MamaWang, is a market leader providing support andopportunities to over 100,000,000 mothers in China. Some of its key strategic partners include Tencent, China Next Generation Work Committee and China Social Welfare Foundation.

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