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Baby speaks for months

Development milestones

2-4 months : Coos, makes gurgling sounds and the babies will turn their head toward sounds

4 months : Begins to babble  with expression and copies sounds he hears and cries in different ways to show hunger, pain, or being tired

6 -9 months : Responds to sounds by making sounds. Strings vowels together when babbling and they  will respond to thir own name and make sounds to show joy and displeasure.

12-17 months: The baby can already understand the meaning of some words and can speak the words accurately. 

1 year and a half-2 years old: The baby may have up to 200 vocabulary, most of which are nouns.  Mom can show the baby something new and tell the baby the name of the item.

Two and a half years old: The baby will begin to use “me” and “you” and they used to call himself by his nickname and the baby’s vocabulary will increase to 300 words. 

3 years old: The baby will be able to talk continuously and adjust the tone, speaking pattern, wording accordingly.

Why does the baby talk late

  1. Physiological reasons prevent the baby from speaking such as cerebral palsy.
  2. The child doesn’t spend enough time talking with adults).
  3. The communication method causes the baby to not speak.
  4. Autism (a developmental disorder).
  5. The child just doesn’t want to talk.

Baby learns how to speak

  1. Provide a good language environment such as talk to your child from the time they’re born.
  2. Start teaching one word at a time and use simple sentences. Many babies learn to speak words in this way. But don’t do it when your baby is angry and exhausted.
  3. When you are free, read picture books with him. Your baby is very interested in colorful picture books to expand their vocabulary.
  4. Use the correct intonation, so that the baby can fully understand the meaning of his mother. 
  5. When the baby has something to say, praise immediately and encourage the baby to continue.
  6. Start to teach him to use a pronoun such as mom, dad, and grandma.

Baby learning to talk game

12-18 months: The stage of speaking 3-5 phrases.

  1. Handing toys: In the process of playing handing toys, babies can learn how to combine vocabulary and language.
  2. Hide and Seek: This can improve your baby’s ability to understand and remember the real thing.

18-24 months: Can make sentences with a few phrases

  1. Building blocks: Through the building blocks game, babies can master “conceptual vocabulary”.
  2. Imitation: By imitating games, babies can grasp the sounds of different objects and can create simple sentences.

24-36 months: The stage where you can express your experience

  1. Cover your eyes and guess things: Through the game of guessing the real things, you can improve your baby’s language skills.
  2. Role-playing: They can learn to use different languages ​​and expressions in different situations, and develop correct language expression skills.


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