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Basic nurturing children tips

Basic nurturing children tips

  1. Do not swear

Some parents are very strict and when their children make mistakes, they accidentally use inappropriate language. They may be repeating the words without knowing what the words mean.

2. Parents should set good examples

Parents should set good examples for their children. What you do and say influence your child’s behavior, attitude and belief, now and in the long run.

3. Have unified opinions

Parents should communicate well with each other and educate their children together.

4. Let children’s interests develop freely

Parents should let the children decide for themselves. If the children show some hobbies, do not interfere. Instead, they should be encouraged, maybe they can develop useful skills from the hobbies.

Inculcate love towards learning

Interest is the driving force of learning. If you want your children to love learning, you must turn learning into their interest. How should you inculcate this?

  1. Help your children build interest in learning, which is inseparable from the guidance of teachers and parents. In the process of life, encourage and appreciate his children, let him think that they can do it .
  2. Helping your child set learning goals will be more interesting and the most important thing they can determine their own destiny. 

Nurture them to be obedient

  1. The parents think from the perspective of their children.  When you can understand the child from the child’s perspective, you will find that in fact, when you criticize the child, the child will feel wronged. 
  2. Make time every day to get along with your children alone, do something that is of interest to both parties, and be friends with your children. In this way, children are willing to tell their parents what they feel.

Teach them not to lie

  1. The first thing parents want their children not to lie is to gain mutual trust and understanding with their children.
  2. You can discuss it with the child and find out what better ways to replace lying next time in a similar situation.
  3. Do not immediately blame or teach them in front of others, it is best to find another suitable time to talk with the child alone when you know they are lying.

Nurturing children’s early love

  1. The parents need to respect and understand your children,  grasp the way of talking with the child, constantly reflect the “child-centered”, and allow children’s free play
  2. You can educate your children properly how to handle their relationship properly. Let the children clearly understand the dangers of early love and use reason to overcome this immature feeling.
  3. Parents need to educate  their children to properly handle the relationship between early love and normal interaction between boys and girls. It is to establish a positive and healthy heterosexual relationship.

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