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Child psychology

Child psychology mainly studies the characteristics and laws of children’s psychological occurrence and development. If you, as parents, have mastered these related knowledge, then you will be more comfortable with the work of educating children.

Let’s take a look at the research methods for studying child psychology:

  1. Observation method

Observation method is an objective method, but it is also easily mixed with subjective factors. Therefore, the observation method should be compatible with the original knowledge and experience.

2. Experimental method

The experimental method is also an observation method under certain conditions. It is possible to change the observation tools without changing the object. This is the combination of the observation method and the natural method, that is, the natural experimental method.

3. Clinical method

When dealing with children with morbid psychology, the clinical method can infer the reasons based on the results, study some typical behaviors of morbid children, and predict which life they can adapt to. significance.

The significance of child psychology

In terms of child development and education, each child has its own personality characteristics, and it is necessary to understand the characteristics of children’s psychological development and master the laws of children’s psychological development. 

In terms of children’s medical work, a pediatric medical worker must not only master medical knowledge, but also understand children’s psychological knowledge in order to better play a therapeutic role. Especially in the treatment of children’s mental illness, knowledge of child psychology is important.

In terms of children’s literary work, the creation of children’s literary and artistic works must take into account the age characteristics of children’s psychological development. It is necessary to learn child psychology in this way, so that the works created can meet the tastes of children.

In terms of children’s social work, such as children’s broadcast workers, children’s toy makers etc. If they master and understand the age characteristics of children’s psychology, they can better develop and improve their work.

What kind of child psychology should parents learn

Parents understand the meaning and role of child psychology, and some parents have even started to read some books on child psychology, but after these, do parents know what knowledge of child psychology needs to be learned? The relevant knowledge needs to be learned, include:

  1. Psychological set-up-exert the beautiful power of “trust” and “expectation”. Parents should give their children full trust, let go of their children to do things, and guide their children’s development in a better way. The results are also what parents expect.
  2. Learned helplessness. At this time, parents should learn how to help their children get out of difficulties and thus lead to the ladder of success.
  3. Cognition and morality-respect for children’s cognitive development, the parent must respect children’s cognitive and moral development, properly punish punishments and teachings, and there are differences among individuals.

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