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Children’s character development

In the process of children growing up, parents must also consciously cultivate his qualities in all aspects, which also plays a vital role in the formation of children’s good character.

  1. Cultivate independence

On the one hand is the independence of daily life, including self-dressing, and eating. On the other hand, the independence of spiritual life, including interpersonal communication.

2. Cultivate persistence

Parents develop more habits for children to do things from beginning to end, sleep early and get up early, and insist on doing things for the collective.

3. Cultivate decisiveness

In the face of a complex and difficult task, to be able to make decisions quickly and decisively requires a bold, courageous, calm personality.

4. Develop communication skills

Cultivate children’s ability to get along with others, take care of others, and be able to integrate into the group happily and harmoniously.

5. Develop self-control ability

Cultivate children to develop a good habit of restraining themselves according to certain requirements, understand the purpose and meaning of actions, do not procrastinate, and complete tasks in time.

Children’s personality characteristics

Parents need to know more about children’s personalities to help them develop good personalities. Let’s take a look at the common characteristics of children’s personality.

  1. Strong curiosity. They love to ask many questions and usually they have a variety of interests. Furthermore, their attention is relatively stable.
  2. Love hands-on labor. Children are lively and active, and have strong autonomy. They are required to do their own clothes and meals, and take the initiative to help adults to do things.
  3. Rich in friendship. Love to play with other children, get along with each other in a friendly way, and be good at combining your wishes with the collective.
  4. Be compassionate. Caring for the elderly, willing to help others, and not bullying children younger than them.
  5. Lack of self-confidence and strong ability to imitate. Children like to model other people’s actions and behaviors. Parents should set a good example and subtly influence children positively.

How to form a child’s character

  1. The role of genetics

Genetic factors are the natural basis for character formation, which provides possibilities for character formation and development.

  1. Family environmental impact

The influence of family atmosphere and parents ‘educational level on children’s personality; the influence of parents’ educational concepts, educational attitudes and methods; the influence of children’s status and role in the family.

  1. School environmental impact

School education mainly achieves children’s personality through the school’s traditions and style, teachers’ personality, attitude and behavior, teacher-student relationship, children’s class collective, and the relationship between classmates.

  1. Social environmental impact

There are various factors in the society. As the child grows up, it is inevitable that he will not touch the society, which plays an important role in the formation of his character.

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