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Children’s fillings

Is it necessary for children to fill their teeth?

Dental caries can cause pain in children, and can even cause children to develop poorly. Moreover, the development of dental caries will not only cause severe pain for children, but also lead to dysplasia of permanent teeth in the future. So for children, filling teeth is also necessary.

Will children feel pain when filling their teeth?

If the caries are deep and the nerve is injured, the pain will be stronger when filling the teeth. The superficial dental caries are light and painless. If the cavity to be filled is shallow, the filling will not hurt. If the tooth cavity is deep, the tooth nerve is rotten and pulpitis, the pain will be more obvious. In addition, the process of removing decay because of touching the dentin layer will feel different degrees of sensitivity.

What are the steps of filling teeth for children

  1. Cavity preparation: The cavity of the caries should be made before filling the teeth. If you need to see the child’s tooth root development, you need to take an X-ray.
  2. Filling and filling materials: Isolate saliva, disinfect the cavity, mix filling materials into the cavity, and sculpt the shape.
  3.  Removal of residues: After filling with filling materials, the dentist will polish the tooth surface and clean up the residues around the tooth body.

What are the materials for children’s dental fillings

  1. Gold fillers are not used in children’s dental fillings. But the gold filler is not easy to be rejected by the gum tissue, and the validity period is more than 20 years. 
  2. Silver powder is commonly used in uncommon teeth. It is relatively durable and relatively cheap. 
  3. Synthetic (plastic) resin is suitable for filling small areas, with a service life of 3-5 years. Synthetic resin has the same color as teeth, so the appearance is more natural after use. 
  4. Porcelain filler is a kind of filler that matches the color of teeth and is not easy to form dental stains. 

What should children pay attention to after filling

  1. Do not chew food and hard objects with freshly filled teeth. After filling the teeth, it is generally appropriate to chew the food on the affected side on the 2nd or 3rd day to prevent tooth creases and loss of the filling.
  2. If there is slight pain after filling, and if the pain does not alleviate but increase, you should go to the hospital for follow-up examination and treatment in time to find out the cause and eliminate the pain.
  3. The tooth extraction diet can eat semi-liquid diets and soft foods, such as soft buns, rice porridge and boiled noodles. This way of eating should persist until 1 week after surgery.
  4. Follow up the doctor in a timely manner according to the time agreed by the doctor. Do not brush the surface of the restoration with a rough and hard toothbrush within a week.

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