Craving for Durians? Here are 4 Things You Should Consider If You’re Pregnant

Banned in hotels and on trains, and that has grounded planes with its infamous odour, Durio zibethinus is the ‘King of Fruit’ that is most commonly sold throughout Southeast Asia in its season. It can be enjoyed in the form of an ice cream, pie, with cheese cake, in cooking such as the tempoyak or masak lemak cili api, with sticky rice or the most wanted durian crêpe. Durian comes in many varieties and has been the fascination of many locals and internationals.

Nutritional Values of Durians

Durian is rich in vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6 and vitamin A. Important minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus are also found in durian. It also contains nutrients such as phytonutrients, water, protein and beneficial dietary fibre.

It is high in folic acid, known as folate which can help prevent birth defects in newborns, promote regular fetal tissue growth and protects the brain and spine. Just 100 g of durian can supply 9% of daily requirement of folic acid needed. Durian is a good source of dietary fiber which prevents constipation during pregnancy which is caused by pregnancy hormonal changes in the mothers.

The fiber content also helps to keep mucous membrane sheltered by decreasing the exposure time to toxins. It will also help to remove harmful chemicals from the digestive system, improve digestion and therefore develop better general health.

Durian contains various kinds of vitamins especially vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to improve the immune system of the expecting mother. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of calcium and iron which is good for the expecting mother and the growing fetus.

A study done on durian also found out that durian helps promote healthy pregnancy and relieve anemia, a medical condition that reduces the level of haemoglobin in our blood that can lead to abnormality and fatality of the fetus.

For those who are trying to get pregnant, good news for you! Durian actually helps increase and boost your fertility by promoting estrogen production which helps in conceiving. Besides that, durian can produce intensified sexual libido and stamina, and also reduce the chances of infertility in men and women, and increase sperm motility.

Can pregnant women take durians?

This is the most commonly asked question when it comes to being pregnant, especially during the durian season. There are myths saying that pregnant women should not eat durian as it is believed to be heaty and will affect the unborn baby or even may cause a miscarriage, premature birth, contractions, high blood pressure in mothers and even cause diaper rashes in newborns. While others believed that having durian during pregnancy will instead ensure the baby grows strong and big.

Experts assured that there are no proven studies showing that there’s any negative effects of eating durian during pregnancy neither if  it is good for pregnant mothers to eat durian. Hence, whether you should eat durians during pregnancy or not really depends on your personal health. In general, it is actually safe to eat durian during pregnancy – but in moderation.

4 things you should think of before digging into those durians

#1: Durian is NOT a super food!

Being pregnant may give you a good excuse to take anything including durians that is believed to be nutritious. Nutritionists advised that durian is not exactly a super food and must be taken in moderation, especially by pregnant women. 

#2: Durian is high in sugar and carbohydrate

Two cloves of durian amount to 60 calories! For women with gestational diabetes, you should avoid durian completely.

#3: May increase fetus’s weight

The high calory content of durian may help increase your fetus’s weight if it is small in size but unfortunately, it will also have a negative effect on yourself. The best is for you to consume healthier and more balance food choices.

#4:  Don’t eat for two!

There’s no such thing as ‘eating for two’ when you’re pregnant. You should eat in moderation and maintain a normal weight gain which is only between 12 to 16 kilograms.


Pregnant mothers can consume durian but strictly in moderation. Otherwise, an uncontrolled diet will cause a large baby (macrosomia), diabetes mellitus in mothers which can be inherited to the fetus as well as childhood obesity as the child develops.

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