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10 Food to reduce body heat during pregnancy

Malaysia is hot hot hot! So we do understand why pregnant Mamas feel uncomfy when trying to beat the scorching temperature of our tropical country.

Fight the heat with these foods:

  1. Milk: Milk contains up to about 70% of water, and can also supplement the water lost by the body due to sweating. 
  2. Strawberry: It is believed that it has the effect of “removing fire”, which can clear the heat, relieve fever and remove annoyance.
  3. Watermelon: Watermelon is rich in potassium, which can make up for the lack of potassium in the body. 
  4. Soy: While nourishing the yin and “removing heat”, soybeans can also supplement the protein that has been consumed in large quantities due to high temperature.
  5. Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd can help to remove internal heat, and help to improve irritability.
  6. Tomatoes: Tomatoes can clear away heat and detoxify, calm the liver and “fire”.
  7. Grapefruit: Grapefruit contains natural vitamin C, soluble cellulose and  natural folic acid. Grapefruit can clear dryness and heat, replenish thirst, relieve cough, and  prevent colds and gum bleeding.
  8. Mung bean soup: Mung bean soup is a good product to relieve heat and quench thirst in summer, and has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying and removing heat. Mamas should eat warm or ambient temperature Mung bean soup as cold or frozen Mung bean soup can affect fetal movement.
  9. Drink plenty of water: Pregnant Mamas need more water than the average person and you need to make sure you are adequately hydrated.
  10. Pears: Pears are recognized by everyone for their fire-retardant effect. There are many ways to eat pears, but the most effective one is to put pear slices in boiling water, add a little salt, boil it and remove it. Come and drink both pears and soup. Such an eating method not only has the effect of reducing fire, but also clears heat and detoxifies.

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