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How to add folic acid during pregnancy

How to add folic acid during pregnancy

Taking a vitamin that has folic acid in it:

  1. Most vitamins sold in the market have the recommended daily amount of folic acid (400 mcg) that women need.
  2. Vitamins can be found at most local pharmacies , grocery, or discount stores. Check the label on the bottle to be sure it contains 100% of the daily value of folic acid, which is 400 mcg.

Eating fortified foods:

  1. You can find folic acid in some breads, breakfast cereals, and corn masa flour.
  2. Be sure to check the nutrient facts label, and look for a product that has “100%” next to folate.

When is the best timing to consume Folic Acid

Every woman of reproductive age needs to get folic acid every day, whether she is planning to get pregnant or not.

Many women do not know that they are pregnant 3-4 weeks after pregnancy, and this period is precisely the critical period of fetal organs, system differentiation, and placenta formation.

During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the synthesis of fetal DNA, the increase in placenta, maternal tissues and red blood cells will greatly increase the demand for folic acid in pregnant mothers. Postpartum mothers can also continue to add folic acid under the guidance of a doctor.

How much is suitable for folic acid every day

All women of reproductive age should get 400 mcg of folic acid each day to get enough folic acid to help prevent some birth defects.Major birth defects of the baby’s brain or spine occur very early in pregnancy (3-4 weeks after conception), before most women know they are pregnant.

What are the hazards of eating too much folic acid

  1. Nausea , bloating, and loss of appetite.
  2. Folic acid crystals appear in the kidney causing kidney disease.
  3. Mask the early manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency
  4. The critical value of seizures is significantly reduced, and the number of seizures in sensitive patients is increased.
  5. Can affect the absorption of trace elements zinc, can cause fetal growth retardation or even perinatal death in severe cases.

Folic acid supplements other precautions

  1. Older pregnant women over 35 years of age, bad fertility history and having chronic diseases should supplement folic acid about 10 times higher.
  2. Pregnant women with a history of familial genetic disease or a couple with a genetic disease also need to increase their intake of folic acid.
  3. Pregnant women with suspicious viral infections during pregnancy should supplement folic acid and adjust their diet.
  4. Pregnant women who use teratogenic drugs and progesterone during pregnancy should consult their doctor before supplementing folic acid.
  5. Pregnant women who are exposed to high doses of radiation and harmful gases in the first trimester must insist on taking folic acid.
  6. Prenatal screening of high-risk maternal blood, folic acid needs to be supplemented daily.

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