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How to know if a boy or a girl is born

The characteristics of boys and girls

  1. Pregnant women’s belly shape is protruding and they will conceive a boy; while the belly shape is round, they are pregnant.
  2. If the appearance of the pregnant woman becomes beautiful and the skin becomes smooth, you may be pregnant with a girl; otherwise, the appearance becomes ugly, the skin becomes rough, or even the face is covered with acne, etc., you may be pregnant with a boy.
  3. Pregnant women like to eat sour and have a big appetite. They will give birth to boys, and if they like to eat hot, they will give birth to girls. 
  4. The rate of fetal heart rate of a boy is stronger and slower compared to girl.

How to see boys and girls from ultrasound

The sex of your baby is genetically determined at conception.  By 11 weeks, you can see the differences because all embryos have a small bud. If you are having a boy, this bud will grow and develop into a penis and scrotum.In a girl, the genital nub will become the clitoris and labia.

It is often difficult to find out a baby’s gender in the first trimester. By your 20-week scan, the nub tends to point upwards at an angle of more than 30 degrees from the spine in boys and it is an opposite to girls.

The sex revealed by ultrasound may be wrong and can be upsetting the mothers. Therefore, try to wait until your mid-pregnancy detailed scan, at 20 weeks. Getting the gender right at this stage is far more likely.

Belly shape for boys and girls

If the mother’s belly is round, most of the time she is pregnant with a girl; if the mother’s belly is “pointed”, it is mostly a man. For example, if the belly of a pregnant woman protrudes forward like a large tennis ball, it may be a boy, and if the belly weight is evenly distributed , It may be a girl.

Of course, the above statements are all unreliable. The shape of the pregnant woman ’s belly is largely determined by the size of the fetus. Although the boy ’s weight at birth is indeed heavier than the girl ’s, the gap is not enough To make the belly of the pregnant woman swell make a difference at a glance.

In addition, the position of the fetus in the uterus also affects the shape of the mother’s stomach. If the baby is facing his mother in the uterus, the mother’s belly will be more prominent. These have nothing to do with the gender of the child. Therefore, those methods that judge the sex of the fetus by the shape of the belly are actually blind.

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