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Iron supplemented fruit

What are the iron-rich fruits?

Iron is an important element for women. The lack of iron will cause iron-deficiency anemia. Eating some fruit can make you beautiful. Does anyone want to? Let’s see what magical fruits make women beautiful.

The iron supplement champion is none other than cherry.  Cherries are high in iron and vitamin A. Cherries also have the effect of nourishing and keeping the skin beautiful, which can make the skin rosy and white, remove wrinkles and reduce spots. 

Pineapple is rich in nutrients, vitamin C content is extremely high, and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other contents are also very rich. Pineapples can also improve your stomach and digestion.

In addition to cherries, pineapples, and peaches, plums, oranges, oranges, grapefruits, longans, and figs can all supplement iron. It is a rich fruit called iron. 

What are the iron supplements

Eating fruit can supplement iron, but eating too much fruit is not good. So besides fruits, what foods can supplement iron? What are the iron supplement foods that I have eaten in those years?

For the first time, details of foods supplemented with iron are disclosed such as animal liver, kidney, duck, squid, jellyfish, dried shrimp, lean meat, chicken and eggs.

Iron supplemented food details disclosed for the second time such as black fungus, kelp, soybean, sesame, kelp, black fungus, spinach, laver, hairy vegetables, mushrooms, soybeans, black beans, red bean curd, celery, shepherd’s purse, jujube, sunflower seeds , walnut kernels, etc.

The most effective ways to supplement iron.

 You can eat some health products, but it is best to ingest them from food. Iron is quickly absorbed but it should be avoided as much as possible with calcium foods, because calcium will inhibit iron absorption.

Vitamin C in fruits It will produce a slightly acidic environment in the stomach. Due to the high absorption rate of iron under acidic conditions, when supplementing iron, fruit or drink juice can enhance the dissolution and absorption of iron.

What to eat during pregnancy

 Iron deficiency in pregnant women is a relatively common phenomenon. You can eat some fruits, vegetables and foods high in iron content. During pregnancy,  with proper iron supplements, the baby will be healthier.

  It should be noted when supplementing iron during pregnancy, because calcium and iron are important nutrients during pregnancy, but if taken together, calcium will reduce the absorption rate of iron. 

In simple term,  do not take calcium tablets and iron at the same time, or take foods containing high calcium and high iron at the same time, such as drinking juice and drinking milk, the time between the two should be four hours.

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