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Making potty training a breeze: Practical techniques you can use

You may be worried when your child is fully dependent on diapers or cloth napkins without showing any signs to use the toilet. In this case, Mama and Papa play important roles to familiarize the child in using the toilet and gradually leave their dependency on using the diapers or cloth napkins. Every child experiences different phases of development in their lives. Their development also depends mainly on the skills that they have acquired. Among the earliest child development is related to being potty trained.

When is the best time to potty train my child?

The success of potty training depends on the physical and emotional preparedness of your child, not according to any specific age. A child’s urinary system will be fully developed when the child reached 2 years old when your child will be able to feel the sensation to urinate and able to control his bladder with enough practice.  Though some children may show their readiness to not use diapers at the age of 2, here are some who may need easy parent’s guide with a little more time. Be patient, rush!

Is your child ready? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your child show any interest to use the toilet or use the cute potty training seat that you bought for them?
  • Does your child show any interest to learn to wear a panty / brief?
  • Could your child understand and follow basic instructions?
  • Could your child inform you when he needs to go?
  • Can your child remain clean (without peeing or pooping) for more than 2 hours?
  • Could your child inform you when his diaper is soiled or wet?
  • Could your child put on or remove his underwear on his own?
  • Could your child seat comfortably on the potty training seat?

If most of your answers are “yes”, your child may now be ready to be potty trained. Otherwise, your child may need a bit more time.

How can I help potty train my child?

A positive mindset is key. You may start by:

  • Providing a miniature toilet that is suitable with your child’s size (or get a portable one)
  • Showing him how to use the portable toilet correctly
  • Encouraging your child to let you know if he feels any sensation or need to go
  • Praising him when he is using the toilet properly
  • Reducing the usage of diapers or cloth napkins
  • Teaching him to use comfortable underwear
  • Being patient–this goes a long way!

All the best, Mama and Papa! May the force be with you.


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