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Introducing our user-friendly Mama Net APP which serves as a multidimensional platform to aspiring parents to obtain physicianverified and ongoing parenting guidance, access to various interactive tools, online marketplace and local community across regions. Our active users will enjoy access to various interactive tools such as daily pregnancy tips, diet that suits your Malaysian taste buds, baby kick counter and lots more. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy our online marketplace and local community. 

Application Features
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Kick Counter

When can you feel baby move and what do baby kicks feel like? Learn all about baby's movement and when to start kick counts. Records your baby movements and check the history of your records.

Ovulation Test

A comprehensive guide for you to perform ovulation test using ovulation test strip, set reminder to perform the test when you are at peak fertility period to increase your chances of conceiving, and record your test results.


Unsure about what to eat, what not to eat, what you can eat and what you should not be eating? These tools will provide localized dietary guidance. Check us out now by downloading our app

Daily Tips

Receive helpful daily tips for you and your baby, which tracking your pregnancy. Catered by our medical experts on useful insights on what to expect during the seasons of motherhood.

Antenatal Check-up

Helps you keep track of your antenatal appointments and set reminder for your next check-ups. We also provide information on what-to-expect during your antenatal check-ups and medical appointments.

PostPartum Slimming

Ever wonder how you can lose all the weight after giving birth? Read our article prepared by our medical advisors on postpartum slimming and its methods on how to do so with Mama Net App.