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Painless delivery

What is painless delivery

Painless delivery is medically called “delivery analgesia”, which uses various methods to reduce or even eliminate the pain during delivery to prevent expectant mothers from experiencing pain, reduce fear during childbirth and postpartum fatigue.

Side effects of painless delivery

  1. During the delivery of painless births, the drugs used in the delivery may cause some hypotension. Prolonged hypotension can cause hypoxemia of the fetus.
  2. There are very few women who will feel a slight headache after painless delivery, but the headache has a certain self-limiting nature, and it can usually be relieved in about a week. 
  3. Some women will have anesthesia of the entire spinal cord, but this phenomenon also occurs within a short time, and the doctor will deal with it at any time according to the situation.
  4. The side effects vary from person to person. Some women may even experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc. Itching of the skin and retention of urine.

Is there any sequela of painless delivery needles?

Many women are worried that the spine or nerves will be damaged during the administration of anesthesia. In fact, this medicine does not hit the spine or spinal cord and the doctors who perform the procedure are professionally trained.

Some women will have back pain after delivery, this is because pregnant women suffer from pain during pregnancy. Good posture and rehabilitation exercises after childbirth are important.

Some patients feel pain in the part of the painless birth needle, but this This feeling will disappear in one or two days after giving birth, so the mother should not worry too much.

Complications of painless delivery

In fact, painless delivery needles can greatly reduce the pain of pregnant mothers during delivery, but not all pregnant mothers are suitable, so is it harmful?


If the dose is not large, it is equivalent to about 1/10 of the amount used for caesarean section. It is not easy to enter the fetus through the umbilical cord blood, so it will not have a big impact on the fetus. But be sure to do a physical examination first and give the injection under the guidance of a doctor.


  1. Some complications may occur, such as low blood pressure and mild headaches, and if you are allergic to drugs, you may also induce allergies. 
  2. In addition, because the painless delivery needle is given from the waist, if you have a history of waist trauma, you should take the initiative to consult the doctor.
  3. After childbirth, it varies from person to person and may cause back pain. These may be side effects of drugs, you can consider using hot towels for hot compress treatment to reduce the occurrence of symptoms.

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