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Pregnancy test stick

What does a pregnancy test stick mean

Many women who doubt whether they are pregnant will consider using a pregnancy test to test, but because they have no experience and don’t understand how to look at a pregnancy test. Typically, a colored line or plus symbol will appear on the test stick to indicate a positive result. The absence of a colored line or a negative sign usually indicates a negative result.

The test result is checked in about 5 minutes, so it must be checked at any time within 5 minutes, and exceeding the time is extremely inaccurate. If more than 5 minutes is displayed, the test may be invalid or failed.

Possible reasons for the depth of the pregnancy test stick

  1. In early pregnancy, HCG is low. When you are pregnant, the level of HCG in the body is generally low. The absence of a colored line or a negative sign usually indicates a negative result.
  2. The urine concentration is too low. It is recommended to use the first urine test in the morning, because the hormone level at this time is the easiest to detect. If you drink too much water at night, then at least make sure that the urine is in the bladder for at least four hours before it is used for testing. 
  3. The influence of drugs or diseases such as hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma, the HCG level in the body will be too high, and urine tests will not show positive. 

How accurate is the pregnancy test

If you missed your period, you can take the urine pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.

First, remove the plastic cap to expose the absorbent window. After that, you need to point  the absorbent tip (with 5 small openings) directly into the urine stream for at least 7-10 seconds, to ensure that an adequate sample is collected by the testing device. Then, re-cap the device and place it horizontally on a clean, flat surface. Wait 5 minutes for the test to finish processing.

Confirmation of pregnancy, but what about the depth of the test paper?

Many mothers are addicted to the pregnancy test stick. On occasion, however, the joy of that first test can be followed by the disappointing news of a biochemical pregnancy.

Biochemical pregnancy refers absence of an identifiable pregnancy on ultrasound examination despite the mothers are tested positive urine or serum HCG pregnancy test

 Four specific manifestations of biochemical pregnancy:

  1. The pregnancy test can be positive but the measured color will become lighter and thinner until it reaches the whiteboard.
  2. B-ultrasound can not see the gestational sac in the palace after 40-50 days of pregnancy.
  3. The blood HCG value is very low, which can only indicate that it is pregnant, but cannot indicate whether the implantation is successful. 
  4. Generally, it will not spontaneously abort within 50 days, and there will be gray-white film flowing out.


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