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Prolactin It will take a few days

It will take a few days

How many days can mothers return milk after weaning? How long does it take for mothers to return milk? Now, although mothers will think that returning milk is a very painful thing or a long process, they want to quickly use drugs to return milk. However, modern science has shown that mothers are not advised to take milk-reducing medicines or injections to remove milk, but advocate natural milk removal. In general, mothers need about a few days to a week, In order to completely withdraw milk.

In the process of returning milk, some mothers did not drink soup, blindly adopted the so-called quick-acting weaning method, and even tied the chest with a towel and sealed the nipple with tape. Obviously, this violates the physiological rules and is very likely to cause Breast pain. Therefore, we must return to the milk scientifically. In addition, weaning is not just a matter for mothers and babies. In this process, father also plays a key role. For example, before weaning, father or family will coax the baby to sleep, mother Avoid it for a while, then try to encourage your baby to drink more milk, etc.

It takes a few days to return to the milk naturally

If moms decide to wean their babies when they find the best weaning period, then moms must start to adjust their diet Milk, and then for about ten days or so, mothers will gradually run out of milk. But mothers should pay attention to the fact that when mothers take the natural milk return method, they must try to drink less soup, let the baby wrap the milk, and so on. The best way to return milk.

Under normal circumstances, the time for mothers to naturally return milk is between 7 days and half a month, depending on each person’s physical factors and physique. Therefore, during this period of milk, it is recommended that mothers pay attention to observation and need to prevent mastitis. If the mothers breasts continue to swell and pain, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital in a timely manner, after a clear diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Pay attention to rest. You can apply it locally or apply it in a bag with Glauber’s salt to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Weaning will take a few days

For many mothers, the weaning and returning process can be a long and painful process. So moms usually want to know how many days will it take to wean them back? In fact, as long as the weaning and weaning methods are reasonable and suitable for you and your babies, under normal circumstances, weaning and weaning can be done within one to two weeks. Weaning and weaning is too painful, but it ’s not really a long and painful thing, so moms should believe in themselves. Only when you are confident can you go through the weaning process with ease.

Weaning the baby and giving it back is indeed a headache for the mothers. Not only are they swollen and painful, but the babies will continue to cry for milk, psychological and physical challenges, watching the baby crying or suffering from pain At the time, many mothers thought that temporary relief would have the urge to feed the baby, or use the milk-returning medication, which is not feasible. To speed up the weaning and weaning time, it is recommended that mothers can eat more foods that are helpful for weaning and weaning and pay attention to their diet.

How many days will weaning and returning? Now, major hospitals no longer recommend mothers to take milk-reducing medicines or injections to remove milk, but advocates the natural way of milk removal. Generally speaking, it takes a few days to a week for a mother to remove milk Retire completely.

It will take a few days

What is the best way to fully return to milk? The most respected way for mothers to fully return milk is to naturally return milk, that is, mothers gradually reduce the number of feedings for babies, and gradually increase the interval between feedings, and shorten the time for a single feeding. In this way, the reduction of the baby’s sucking stimulation will naturally decrease the amount of milk secretion. At the same time, mothers should pay attention to less intake of soup and milk, so that the milk secretion gradually reduced to nothing. Generally, the natural return of milk can stop lactation about a week after weaning. It is up to the mother’s physical condition to return the milk completely.

When the baby is 8 months to about 1 year old, it can be gradually over-weaned. As long as the mothers reduce the number of breastfeedings every day, they will wean naturally, as long as they suck the baby less than three times a day Your milk will be much less. Then it is easy to follow the natural process of weaning and weaning. In general, mothers do not have to worry too much, just relax during the weaning and weaning process. Most of the time for full milk return is between 1-2 weeks, depending on the physical characteristics of each mother.

It will take a few days to return to the milk

During the period of weaning and returning the babies, the mothers usually have breast tenderness, and under normal circumstances the breast tenderness is about one week. However, during the 2-3 days of the back pains of the mothers, the pain gradually eased. But one thing that moms need to pay attention to is that they must not eat too greasy food during the weaning period.

Moreover, it is recommended that mothers use step-by-step weaning during weaning and weaning. Do n’t wean your babies at once, otherwise babies will find it difficult to adapt to sudden and direct changes, and you will be very painful during this process. It is especially important to note that when you find the right weaning time for the babies and then start to wean the babies, you have to slowly adjust your diet. Do n’t eat or drink too much or drink too much nutritious soup as you would during lactation. Also, if the mothers are too swollen during weaning, you can choose to squeeze some milk out, but do n’t squeeze the breasts if they are not hard. This will significantly reduce the milk for a day or two. In addition, weaning can also be done easily afterwards.

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