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What to do if children are introverted

  1. Parents should create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere so that the children feel loved and respected.
  2. Communicate more with peers to strengthened their self-confidence and shaped a cheerful personality. You can bring more children to the gatherings of relatives and friends.
  3. You can encourage the children to speak more, and do not take rude and simple education to deprive children of their right to speak. 
  4. Parents should also deliberately develop their children’s ability to cope with difficulties, maintain a positive and optimistic mood, and leave momentary frustration behind.
  5. Actively communicate with children, understand the child’s inner true thoughts and needs and correctly guide the child to talk about their views on things.
  6. The parents need to create more conditions for them to complete certain things independently, such as buying things and borrowing things from neighbors. 
  7. Finally, remind moms and dads that the correction of introverted children’s character is a long process, don’t expect it overnight. 

Children’s introverted performance

Introverted children typically: 

  1. Communicate best one-on-one
  2. Are strong listeners
  3. Seek solitude for renewal
  4. Need time to ponder questions before answering
  5. Often prefer not to share their emotions
  6. Have high self-awareness
  7. Learn well through observation
  8. Are quiet in large social settings
  9. Prefer to watch a game or activity before joining
  10. Concentrate deeply
  11. See inner reflection as very important
  12. Select activities carefully and thoughtfully

What causes children’s introverts

  1. Genetic factors, that is to say, some of the parents or intergenerational relatives are introverted.
  2. The child imitates the character of an adult because the parent’s introvert personality will also have a certain impact on the child.
  3. The only child lacks playmates of the same age, and his personality may develop inward.
  4. Parents overprotect their children because too much intervention in the child’s behavior will also lead to the child’s introverted personality.
  5. Language development is slow, and daily communication with children of the same age is impeded.

How to teach children introverts

  1. You need to accept and embrace your child as introvert and such and praise them. Introverted children like their behavior to be affirmed and praised by others.
  2. Guide children with introverted personalities to express more. The parents need to observe their opinions, give them a sense of security, and give them more guidance.
  3. Children with an introverted personality are passive, and their behavior and emotional responses will be slower. They need time to think clearly and have good reasons to persuade them.  
  4. The parents should respect the child’s social habits, let him do what he likes to do, do not restrict and restrict him, so that he becomes more timid.
  5. Let the children properly encounter difficulties and you can let them solve their problems properly.

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